I designed Echo for the Porcelain Coffee Cup Contest. You can download the full creative project here

Ceramic modeling by the talented Delphine Jobard

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Mr Coco

Mr Coco the egg cup !

The egg receptacle has a large gutter-shaped rim that holds the drips. The removable hat keeps the egg warm.

Ceramic or polypropylene.


« Waves » is inspired by the elegance of sea creatures.

Chromed steel body using laser welding technique for the feet.


A spout for easing serving & horns for fun and control !
Functional with its spout, colorful and playful, Buffalo humorously revisits the classic colander.


Bird is inspired by long-distance crossings and birds.

Body in white porcelain and handle in polycarbonate or wood.


Galet draws its inspiration from the mineral and the liquid element, like the stone polished by the water of the torrents.

Body and cover in cast iron.