Star Command

Star Command is based on the theme of « space opera ».
Imagine yourself on the bridge of a majestic space cruiser… without the constraints of weightlessness.


Loved promotes physical closeness and also makes it easier to talk to each other.


Two elements nested at the seat/backrest junction that form a single object without discontinuity or rupture.

Aero is imagined on the theme of plant architecture: balance and continuity of matter.


Elegance and simplicity of lines. Poseidon evokes a sensual imagination that navigates between mythology and science.


Strength, elegance and mysticism: Make your choice with Luge.

Mad Spootnik

Mad Spootnik is an extra-special stool, a nod to the space conquest of the 1950s and 1960s.

Why Not

Delicate and poetic Why Not is inspired by plant architecture and breaks with the traditional aestheticism of the stool.


Lollipop is like a sour candy that melts in your mouth. Its removable and magnetic seat instantly transforms it into a side table.