Leviathan is at the crossroad of two worlds : between science-fiction and mythology

Iceberg is inspired by Arctic polar spaces, like a mirage or a reflection that emerges from the oceans of ice.

Binary clouds is similar to a small forest of clouds. She synthesizes the digital universe – the pixel – for geometric repetition and the aerial element – the cloud – for her poetry.

Elytre is a tribute to the beauty and strangeness of underwater creatures.

Elegant, strange and sophisticated, Artifact is designed as an extra-terrestrial object.

Asymmetrical and non-conformist, Lunule is inspired by shells and the movement of the tides.


Star Command is based on the theme of « space opera ».
Imagine yourself on the bridge of a majestic space cruiser… without the constraints of weightlessness.

Loved promotes physical closeness and also makes it easier to talk to each other.

Two elements nested at the seat/backrest junction that form a single object without discontinuity or rupture.

Aero is imagined on the theme of plant architecture: balance and continuity of matter.

Strength, elegance and mysticism: Make your choice.

Elegance and simplicity of lines. Poseidon evokes a sensual imagination that navigates between mythology and science.

Mad Spootnik is an extra-special stool, a nod to the space conquest of the 1950s and 1960s.

Delicate and poetic « Why Not » is inspired by plant architecture and breaks with the traditional aestheticism of the stool.

« Lollipop » is like a sour candy that melts in your mouth. Its removable and magnetic seat instantly transforms it into a side table.

Kitchen Tools

Wave is inspired by aquatic biodiversity and the liquid element…what more could you ask of a strainer!

A spout for easing serving & horns for fun and control !
Functional with its spout, colourful and playful, Buffalo humorously revisits the classic colander.